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Amani Aloraby

''As an experienced doctor and fertility coach, I want to help people find the most suitable path in their treatment journey, so that they can feel better and trust their body. They want to get past the emotional and mental barriers that hold them back.

I want to help my clients find hope and peace, even in their most vulnerable moments. I'm one of the few coaches who can do that for people because I know what it's like to be in a situation where your last resort is hope!"


CV Amani Aloraiby

Download the resume here:

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Practical information

  • We are open on Monday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday by appointment. 

  • We have a telephone availability every day between 10:00-19:00 (except Saturday).

  • For general questions, please contact us by phone or use WhatsApp. 

  • We cannot respond to major medical issues or multiple questions regarding the treatment via email. You can schedule a consultation or a webcam consultation for this.

  • You can schedule a webcam consultation at Alamani.

  • Repeat Recipes can be requested via WhatsApp, stating your name, date of birth, name of the medication, the desired dosage and the amount. Requested on time, received on time!  There are costs involved here. 

  • Your health insurance probably will not reimburse your invoice, because we do not have contracts with health insurers. This is a conscious choice. This way we can offer personal care, without being tied to restrictions from the health insurer.
    Sometimes the amount that the health insurer applies as a rate for a certain DTC care product is partially reimbursed. The percentage that is not reimbursed is your personal contribution and must be paid by you.


  • A visit to a medical specialist is covered by your basic insurance. Many people think that there is one type of basic insurance, but there are several options. Some health insurers have a budget policy (in-kind), a regular policy (mix between in-kind and reimbursement) and an exclusive policy (reimbursement). As a result, there is a difference in the compensation you receive. From 50% with a budget policy to 100% with an exclusive policy at the market rate. This rate is determined by the health insurer and also differs per insurer.

  • We have our own rates and these may differ from the market rate of the insurer. Our rates are aligned with the rates in the region. Because we have no contracts, we set our price in all reasonableness.

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